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December 2016

With Russian meddling, truth is as disturbing as fiction

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By David Pepper – Opinion

(CNN) Four years ago, I decided to take a stab at writing my first book. I intended it to be fiction. I may have failed.

Given my background in politics, and the adage that you should write what you know, a political thriller seemed appropriate.

My story posed a basic question.

What if leaders of a foreign entity are eager to change policy in America? Something substantial. How could they go about it?

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Quincy Quarries Star in New Graphic Novel

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By Dana Barbuto
The Patriot Ledger

The Quincy quarries are hardly the pits in Hollywood’s voyeuristic eyes. Scenes for the Boston-based films “Gone Baby Gone” and “The Departed” were shot there. Now the deep holes have a featured role in the new graphic novel “Geeks & Greeks.”

“It’s set in the Boston area and features a climactic scene at the Quincy quarries in their water-filled days,” said author Steve Altes, an MIT alum.

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