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December 2018

Review: ‘Mr. Fish: Cartooning From the Deep End’ draws out a provocative artist

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As a 7-year-old suburban New Jersey white boy, Dwayne Booth wanted to be famed black activist Angela Davis. That pretty much says it all about the person who would become the wildly iconoclastic cartoonist known as Mr. Fish. His story is told with enjoyable insight and candor in the documentary “Mr. Fish: Cartooning From the Deep End,” directed, shot and produced by Pablo Bryant.

Bryant, with plenty of engaging input from the puckishly handsome Booth (think a bespectacled Kevin Bacon), plus comments from fellow cartoonists, critic F.X. Feeney, musician Graham Nash and others, sketches a provocative portrait of the prolific, trenchantly talented artist and satirist.

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